How to check your specification

When you’re selling to Sell My Tech, we ask for some important information about your laptop that you might not have to hand. If you need help finding these details, please follow this guide to find the technical specifications of your machine.

First, check for the model name and serial number (sometimes S/N or SKU) of the system – these can commonly be found on the base of the laptop. If either the model or serial are not present on the base cover, in Dell/HP/Lenovo systems they are likely to be found in their vendor’s software, such as Dell and HP’s respective support assistants and Lenovo’s Vantage.

For checking hardware specifications in Windows, all of the relevant information we ask for can be found in Task Manager.

To start, open Task Manager by right clicking empty space on your taskbar and select Task Manager. (Picture 1. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut by holding Ctrl + Shift + Esc)

Make sure to switch to the detailed version of Task Manager if you’re not already (Picture 2) and navigate to the performance tab. (Picture 3)

Each tab will have information about different components of your system. The information we ask for is indicated in the image (Picture 4) provided; at the top right of the windows next to the title of the tab. For any Disks in the system, please additionally provide the type of Disk, either SSD or HDD, which can be found underneath the name of the Disk in the tab header, or in the bottom right.