SellMyTech, part of SMT Commerce Ltd., was set up to help individuals get something back for their old tech – currently focusing on laptops and cameras.

By selling your laptop to SellMyTech rather than just throwing it away, you help to reduce the waste of electrical goods and extend their life cycle. We ensure that laptops continue to operate for longer, so they can continue be useful to society.

As a company we focus on products which are highly durable and reliable. We are particular about the products we will buy. We want to make sure the next person who uses your item has the same great experience as everyone else we’ve helped.

It became clear there was an opportunity to help people who no longer wanted their tech get a fair price and, importantly, to ensure the product life cycle was extended. So SellMyTech was founded to fulfill this mission.

At the moment the only tech we accept are laptops and cameras. In the future we intend to continue to expand the range of tech which we will accept.

How SellMyTech’s Process Works.

Get a Quote

Fill in our form to get a quote for your tech. Make sure you detail any issues.

Post Your Tech

If you’re happy with your quote, you choose from two options to send your item(s) to us.

We Test Your Tech

Your item undergoes our testing process, to make sure it works as expected is as described.

We Pay You

If your tech works and is as described – we transfer you the agreed amount.


We are currently looking for laptops and camera. We are particularly focussed on premium, high quality items. If you are unsure if your laptop or camera fits the bill, fill in our form anyway and we’ll get back to you.

When you have gotten your quote, you are given two options to choose from to get your product to SellMyTech. These are:

  • Courier Collection. If you prefer the convenience of a courier pick-up. Choose a time that suits you for items to be collected. For this service please use your own appropriate packaging (printer required).
  • Wait for our box & label. If you don’t have any adequate packing do not worry. We will send you the proper packaging complete with our printed return label. A courier will then be arranged to come and collect the package.

All options are free.

SMT Commerce Ltd t/a SellMyTech accept no responsibility for your laptop or camera until it has been safely delivered to our premises, unpacked and checked upon arrival. We advise you take pictures of your laptop or camera before packaging in case of issues during transport.

We are experienced in pricing laptops and cameras and a number of factors are taken into account when giving you a price for your item. Factors include but are not limited to condition, market situation, age, expected storage time, and likely work required. It will of course be the case the price we buy the laptop or camera from you will not be the same as the price we sell it for.

As soon as your laptop or camera has arrived and gone through our testing process, we will authorise payment within 48 working hours. This is dependent on the item matching the details you provided us and passing our testing process.


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