Grading Criteria

To help you identify what grade your item is, we have provided the below criteria. It is important to ensure you have correctly graded your item when filling in our form, if you incorrectly describe your laptop then your quote will change.

Grade A is best described as ‘Like-new’ or ‘immaculate’. This means that the item is essentially new or open-box. Otherwise we would deem the item as either grade B or grade C.

Grade B is an item which is considered to be in good condition. There will be a signs of wear and marks on it, but not much more.

Grade C means that an item has some small cosmetic marks and may have some bumps. There can also be paint wears on the item too.

We appreciate that some people may have an item that does not fit within these grading criteria. Unfortunately we do not purchase items that do not fit the threshold for Grade C.

If you are still not sure what grade your item is, please contact us.